Shoulder holsters


We proudly present our 3 best selling shoulder holsters:

the tabletHolster, the businessHolster & the sportHolster.

URBAN TOOL is already well known for its great and unique shoulder holsters. Right from the beginning it was always our vision to develop close to the body and stylish bags/wear. But we also have put a strong focus designing the holsters ergonomic and with super comfortable fit. We experimented with new materials and new ways of designing pockets so that you may reach and operate the pockets with one hand only, for instance when you are riding your bicycle or when you want to grap your cell phone quickly during work. We searched for intelligent solutions not using buckles, zippers or buttons for closings since all this closing mechanism will make the holsters too complicate to operate and will scratch your devices. Several prototypes and intensive testing periods have led us to the current solutions, now bestselling and so many of our customers worldwide love and cannot imagine living without any more. Ok we admit we love the Lara Croft Style and hey what´s wrong with looking cool and eminently?

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