Dariadaria – bags for dog owners

Every dog owner knows the hassles of having a furry four-legged friend: their like babies and they never grow up! That’s why we love them. Also there are so many gadgets to make our lives easier, that’s why Maddie from www.dariadaria.com tested three URBAN TOOL Bags for you, together with her dog Mala.UTforDogOwners_19UTforDogOwners_1UTforDogOwners_101. caseHolster: Apart from the fact that this is a mud-friendly color, I like that it’s small but holds anything I need when walking my dog. It comfortably fits my cell phone, I can attach the muzzle on the side ring.

UTforDogOwners_52. slotBar: The little black dress of dog bags! It can easily be worn as a normal day bag but also for walks with my dog. It’s nice and small but I can fit the little plastic bags and easily attach my sunglasses. The material is also really easy to clean!

UTforDogOwners_73. crossHolster: This is such a diverse bag and fits exactly what you need when taking your dog out: little treats, plastic baggies and your phone. This bag is perfect for dog owners because all the pockets are easily and quick accessible.