ER Doctor reviewing URBAN TOOL holsters!

Japanese ER anesthesiologist Masayuki Hashimoto enhances his surgeon’s scrubs with URBAN TOOL holsters, read his review, learn what holsters and tools he is using and get amazed by his lifesaving stories!Masayuki1When routing his online shop parcel that got almost lost, we got to know our long time client Masayuki Hashimoto better and he shared his experiences with our holsters with us. We are so glad to share his amazing story on our blog and that we have the honor to provide such life changing everyday tools!
Masayuki Hashimoto: “I’m wearing businessHolster on right and basicHolster on left daily, both reversed so I can zip close easily. It makes perfect combination for now.
One of the best things that happened using your holsters is that I found the best way to not only carry around my iPhone 6plus, but to wear it. I attach carabiner to the conveniently placed loop and hole around armhole. This enables me to hang my iPhone6plus under my armpit. This turned out to be the most anatomically comfortable way to carry things like this. It never occupies pockets, never restricts bodily movements or postures, never tires my neck like I hang it around my neck with unnatural coronal swing which is physically anti-ergonomic. Once hanged under armpit it only swings sagittal, along with shoulder’s physical range of movement, avoiding any uncomfortable contact with wearer’s body, yet hold very steady between arm and chest.
Discreet as it could ever be. Never swing in front of chest, distracting movements and possibly hitting environment or your own face. Never bulge in your pockets of your pants or jacket.
With all the merits above, it miraculously accessible like grabbing it out of thin air whenever I need it.
Beside as I said before I’m working as an ER physician and anesthesiologist, I need to wear scrubs which usually have only few pockets which are filled with necessities to perform medicine. Always needed to lock in wallets, money, accessories etc. and go to locker back and force when I need them. Your holsters which are tough, elastic and comfortable even underwear, solved this problem, always keeping valuables underwear. It liberated me.
Well all I wanna say is your products are wonderful. And I would suggest hole or loop to which one can attach carabiners kind of stuff around armholes on other holsters like tablet holster it would make them even more excellent.

By the way last week I kind of saved a life of a guy who had ischemic stroke in toilet locked in his stall. I was the first finder and responder, because thanks to your gears I had all I need for triage which are a pulse oximeter and a pen light, readily attached to my body. Owing to the fact I was so ready and able to climb up the wall to find the guy totally unconscious and dead-immobile, jump over the wall with all the equipment, unlock from inside, check vitals, see his totally unmatched pupil size, immediately order doctor alarm, call neurologists, While other doctors and nurses never dared to. Thanks to you and me, the guy could go through thrombolytic drug rtPA, which can only be administered within 4.5 hours from the event (which by the time almost running out!), now he can move his body, getting well.
Your sportHolster is lovely too. It is very accessible from my scrubs‘ neck! So now I’m wearing basicHolster on the left, sportHolster on it, then businessHolster on the right. I got everything with me, my wallet, car key, identities, iPhone, PHS, diagnostic tools and emergency devices, IC recorder, candies, credit cards, all under shirts and scrubs so discreetly. I can’t imagine life without this. 🙂 I wish you prevail and please keep providing us your second to none items.”

URBAN TOOL basicHolster & businessHolster used together
URBAN TOOL basicHolster & businessHolster invisible under the suit
At the ER he wears the sportHolster & basicHolster & businessHolster together under his surgeon’s scrubs


Holsters Masayuki is wearing daily under his surgeon’s scrubs used together one over the other:  basicHolstersportHolsterbusinessHolster

Carabiners he uses Nite Ize’s S-biner small size, which is perfect for attaching things without being afraid of accidentally detach from holster that could happen with ordinary single entry carabiners.

The Deff Carbon Ring Finger Strap he is using with his iPhone6plus is also amazing stuff. Aside with aiding sure hold of iPhone, the length of its string is perfect to keep it comfortably loose and ready to take it out and use it being hung from the carabiner. It is made of PVC so wouldn’t hurt screen.

As for the retractable clip, he placed a T.Reign gear for hanging in-hospital PHS. First he thought it’s too big, but thanks to the strong and elastic feature of URBAN TOOL gears, it somehow snuggly fit into the space! He could even put PHS itself in the same pocket. It’s now the perfect way to carry PHS, everyone’s amazed.