Best bags to survive summer heat!

Running belt fanny pack with bootle holder

URBAN TOOL crossHolsterURBAN TOOL crossHolsterURBAN TOOL crossHolsterURBAN TOOL backPack URBAN TOOL backPack URBAN TOOL travel backPack URBAN TOOL travel backPack

Surviving the summer requires a lot of extra liquid intake but carrying a water bottle can be annoying. We show you our best bag to store up to 2 L bottled water convenient and ready at hand.
This waits holster is perfectly designed to store a bottle up to 0,75L (25oz) during sport, travel or leisure. The smart design of the high elastic bottle pouch can extend from a flat pocket to a roomy bottle holder.
Placed on your waist or around the shoulders the crossHolster carries the bottle easily and offers additional space for iPhone 6 plus, keys, wallet, pen, documents and much more.
The URBAN TOOL backPack is an ergonomic and high sophisticated backpack for college, university or every day. With padded 13´´ and 7´´ laptop and tablet compartments, several slots an pockets and a pull-out bottle holder that fits up to 0,75 L (25oz) bottles. The backPack is part of the modular URBAN TOOL backpack design concept and can be extended to a double backpack.
Travel backPack:
The new released travel backPack is a real water bottle wonder bag. It can easily store 2 bottles up to 2 L (50oz) without being too bulky or too heavy. The super light weight backPack offers a 11´´ tablet compartment, several slots and pockets and a pull out jacket holder. Fits iPhone 6 plus and 7´´ tablets.