Don´t be a tourist be a traveller!

travel bags

URBAN TOOL bags & holsters are designed to wear your essentials stylish, safe and with guaranteed hands-free during travel.
They offer plenty of space for your gadgets, wallet, keys, passport, documents and more.
Sunglasses should not be missed when going on travel! But also these can be stored clearly arranged as part of your travel essentials for a perfect day in the sun or spending time outdoors.

URBAN TOOL basicHolster
Have your gadgets always to hand with the URBAN TOOL basicHolster.
URBAN TOOL travel backPack
Explore Europes beautiful cities with the URBAN TOOL travel backPack.
URBAN TOOL travelKit
The URBAN TOOL travelKit the perfect travel gear for adventurers and vagabonds.
URBAN TOOL travel legHolster
Architectural study trip with the URBAN TOOL travel legHolster.
URBAN TOOL waistHolster
See the most beautiful beaches and have your gadgets safe with the URBAN TOOL waistHolster.