5 ways to stay fit in winter!

fit during winter

Exercising during winter is equally important as exercising during summer, but it’s a lot harder. Who wants to exercise when it’s cold and dark outside? So we tend to move less in winter time and therefore it’s not a surprise that we gain some unwanted fat – not to mention all those buttery treats of the coming holiday season. So what about to change this winter? Set yourself a goal and make a difference.

1. Go Running
You might think it sounds crazy, but believe it or not, there are plenty of enthusiasts who just love running during the winter. All you need is a good pair of winter shoes and warm clothes, and you’re ready to burn some calories. Make sure not to overdress while running as excess sweating could lead to dehydration or hypothermia.

2. Go To A Gym
Though going to the gym might prove extra difficult in those cold days, it’s still worth the effort. If you’re not a lifting-weights enthusiast or don´t want to train individually join a class, as gyms offer a ton of fun exercise sessions like yoga, pilates, body pump, spinning classes or similar. No excuses; just do it.

3. Exercise At Home
Why not, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home; from sit-ups and squats, to push-ups and planks. All you need is motivation! And it takes so little since you even don´t need to leave home, keep in mind that 30 minutes per day are already more than enough. There are plenty of amazing fitness apps that you can use in your apartment home to satisfy every workout style. Most of them have records to control your activities and give you some extra motivation.

4. Nutrition
Since your activities are reduced during the winter chill, it’s more important to watch your nutrition. We’re not saying to become obsessed with BMI and calories, but just pay more attention to vegetables and fruit, and less to fast food and sweets. Make sure you get also your extra portions of vitamins and minerals to fight the viruses.

5. Play
Go out and play, just like when you were little. Take your dog or children to your favorite park or playground. Build a snowman, or start a snowball fight with your kids and their friends, or just dance in your living-room. In order to burn a few more calories, a couple of hours of outdoor activities or a dancing session in your living room will certainly do the trick.

Activities are great stress reducer so don´t miss them especially in this busy time of the year and regardless of how you choose to work up a sweat, your body will thank you for sticking with a healthy routine through this cookie and cake ladened season!

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