Cool college bags

Getting back to school &  university we are presenting the coolest and most functional college bags of our collection! Arnold & the reporterBag: the reporterBag is a perfectly sized college shoulder bag. The vertical design is super comfortable to wear and the smart connection of the shoulder strap ensures good wearing comfort even when heavy loaded. But the URBAN TOOL reporterBag is […]

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Wearing your bags is better than carrying

vinjabond sportholster running vest holster survival

John Cain, Vinjabond: Bags, duffles, purses, totes and even backpacks are designed to be carried, a property responsibility and physical impediment. You can’t always help the amount of things you need to carry but if at all possible, wearing is better than carrying. The longer or more demanding the activity, the more these „bags“ will hold […]

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Dariadaria – bags for dog owners

Every dog owner knows the hassles of having a furry four-legged friend: their like babies and they never grow up! That’s why we love them. Also there are so many gadgets to make our lives easier, that’s why Maddie from tested three URBAN TOOL Bags for you, together with her dog Mala.1. caseHolster: Apart from […]

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Ahoy Baltic Sea!

travel diary baltic sea

A perfect day at the baltic sea with Anja, CEO of URBAN TOOL – enjoying the seaside at the baltic means you are never alone  – the greedy seagulls are everywhere…  …you even share your food with them, mainly involuntarily… The URBAN TOOL gymBag is the perfect companion for the beach! A good lunch at the […]

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Shoulder holsters

We proudly present our 3 best selling shoulder holsters: the tabletHolster, the businessHolster & the sportHolster. URBAN TOOL is already well known for its great and unique shoulder holsters. Right from the beginning it was always our vision to develop close to the body and stylish bags/wear. But we also have put a strong focus […]

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Travel bags

When it comes to travel bags can never be enough functional, light-weighted and ergonomic to wear. The more electronics and gadgets we need to take along the more serious are these questions. And we take more and more gadgets along with us even when going on vacation. We have selected a range of functional and useful […]

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Vinjabond reviewing caseholster as survival gear

vinjabond blogger adventure ourdoor caseholster holster urbantool

VINJABOND: Backpacks are probably the overall best way to carry a good amount of gear for long periods of time. But that comfort and freedom hinders accessibility; remove from back, unzip, zip, and replace on back. The caseHolster retains the comfort and freedom of a backpack without hindering accessibility. Just unzip, zip and go. The caseHolster […]

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Dariadaria testing Hi-tech sport armband

The lovely Madeleine Alizadeh from was testing our new hi-tech sport armband, the URBAN TOOL sportStrap in the edgy new color hemlock. The sports armband is made of an hi-tech fabric that allows direct operation of your smart phone without taking the device out of the pouch, just operate through the sensitive surface of this unique hi-tech […]

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Rust collection

rust collection urban tool

A smooth and burned orange is the accent colour of the new URBAN TOOL style RUST. Combined with classical and neutral brown shades the style looks elegant, classy and timeless. Diversity in surfaces, soft accents with seams and twill are the perfect players of this new classic style – fresh, young, modern and distinguished.

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