Black fall essentials

black fall essentials travel kit belt pouch

Meet the A-list bags and holsters choice for this fall. Cool & stylish, functional & of unmistakable design. Bestselling gadget holders for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus, tablets, keys, wallets and all everyday carry. Perfect for travel, business, leisure, sport. We ship worldwide with nice offers @

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Best bags for girls who hate handbags!


Handbags and shoes – girls can´t never have enough. But some girls hate handbags! They are tired of having one shoulder locked up in a loop, a loop that is always slipping off your shoulder. They are tired of bulky and heavy bags that bend you to one side. Tired of digging out surprisingly the […]

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Black vs cocao great accessory trend colors

Black is back and was never gone! Again black and grey shades are top colors. Men´s fashion world is dominated by non-colors and more than ever by blacks! URBAN TOOL styles combine different black shades and material surfaces & structures to a great and interesting all in black style. Far from boring this classy styles are […]

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Runway trend “cocao” fall winter 1415

This dark and soft brown with a hint of purple will be a season high light this Fall Winter 1415 URBAN TOOL collection. Not only the runways around the world highlight this eclectic and masculine new color, also the interior and automotive industry is in love with this deep and powerful color. Perfect to match […]

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New collection 2014

A smooth and burned orange is the accent colour of the new style RUST combined with classical and neutral brown shades the style has strong connotations with luxury. Diversity in surfaces, soft accents with seams and twill are the perfect players of this new classic style – fresh, young, modern and distinguished.BLACK is back and was never gone! The […]

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