10 facts about URBAN TOOL

10 fact about urban tool

1. Did you know that the first holster has been made by hand and given as a gift from Sabrina to her husband Kurt in the year 1999? The so called urHolster has been worn by Kurt for years and has been the founding idea of URBAN TOOL.

URBAN TOOL urHolster





2. Did you know that the sign of the URBAN TOOL logo is influenced by the backside cut form of the first basicHolster?

URBAN TOOL Logo inspiration





3. Did you know that the brand URBAN TOOL has been founded as a result of winning the ISPO Brand New Award 2004 in the category innovative sportswear accessories? The first prize was a booth at the Summer ISPO Fair in Munich, Germany in 2004 and the feedback of this show was so positive that Anja, Kurt & Sabrina founded the Label URBAN TOOL on July 4th 2004.

URBAN TOOL Brand New Award Logo





4. Did you know that URBAN TOOL won the Austrian National Prize for equal opportunities in R&D in 2009? This is a price we extremely value and we will always proudly mention!

AUSTRIAN NATIONAL AWARD for equal opportunities in R&D





5. Did you know that URBAN TOOL has created an own and unique pocket design? The pocket design with overlapping elastic material has been created right with the first URBAN TOOL product basicHolster and is still one of the major attribute of URBAN TOOL products. This unique pocket design ensures one handed access, secure storing and is absolutely anti scratch.

URBAN TOOL safety pocket mechanism





6. Did you know that almost each URBAN TOOL product has a key-yoyo built into one detail of the bag? Our customers love the key-yoyo and appreciate the function of having keys always handy at hand.

URBAN TOOL key-yoyo





7. Did you know that all URBAN TOOL products are developed in Vienna Austria, at the Headquarters studios? The team is testing and developing the products with prototypes, mock up samples and by self-testing each sample until satisfying results.

URBAN TOOL brand coordinates





8. Did you know that all our shoulder holsters are machine washable? The material we use is from the water sports industry and is very unique for holsters. This material allows having the holsters washable and give perfect fit and comfort.

URBAN TOOL Holsters are washable





9. Did you know that the founding members Anja, Sabrina & Kurt are the owners of URBAN TOOL Ltd. and are working as a perfect team since over 10 years?

URBAN TOOL founder Anja Herwig, Kurt and Sabrina Tanner





10. Did you know that URBAN TOOL is a girl boss company. And because still so many people can not handle the fact that there are 2 girls leading the company the Mr. Urban puppy has been created. So Mr. Urban is dedicated to all the old fashioned people that still are living in stereotypes accepting a puppy as boss but women not!