5 stylish waist holsters for your pocket EDC

Smartphone and tablet holster waist bag URBAN TOOL ® travel legholster

How do you carry your EDC when you don´t want to look like your pants are going to bust at the seams?
What to do when your jacket is going to be off?
Any solution for workplace and such where you can’t have things in your jacket and trousers?
Or if you simply don’t enjoy a lot of crap banging around in your pockets?
URBAN TOOL is world leader in holsters and bags specially designed to carry your pocket EDC convenient, stylish and secure.
Here we show you our 5 best holsters for your day-to-day items. These holsters are not only unmistakable solutions developed and tested since over 10 years, they are stylish, multi-functional and cool. See our entire collection here: www.urbantool.com