Chilled wireless talking


Touching future communication!
Another look back at our smart R&D projects. Always in love with emotional electronics we presented the market-ready version of the innovative „perCushion“ with the latest Bluetooth stereo quality at the CeBIT 2009.
The stylish high-tech pillow for making relaxed phone calls and listening to music comes with speakers, a Bluetooth-interface and control elements.
“With the perCushion we wanted to bring more emotionality, closeness and warmth into the cool world of telecommunication” so the vision of this emotional design concept.
With the development of the “perCushion” weshow that our unconventional approach to technology again and again creates new and innovative solutions for our mobile world.
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Chilled wireless talking
Any mobile phone, MP3-player or iPod can be easily connected to the “perCushion” via Bluetooth. The handling is comfortably done through a control panel which is integrated into the high-tech pillow. In addition to the innovative combination of textiles and technology the “perCushion” was also a result of the usually high requirements for design of URBAN TOOL products.

Cell phone hands-free pillow
Music player remote-control
Bluetooth stereo quality
10h talk time
10 h music
250 h standby
LED indicators for operating status
Volume control
High-performance stereo speakers
Inner rechargeable battery with 220 volt charging unit
Ergonomic shape
Washable coat
Dimension 54 x 33 x13 cm
Universal Design- will pair with most cell phones, MP3 players and iPod Bluetooth-dongles

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Relaxing – chilling – talking – enjoying music perCusion_2

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