Lean Belt – wearable measuring unit

leanbelt wearable measuring unit

“What cannot be measured cannot be improved.” LEANBELT – customized Design for Sylvia Lawry Centre – The Human Motion Institute The leanbelt is a novel system to capture and analyse human motion. Designed for clinical researches for multiple sclerosis and people & children with movement disorders. Main features: • miniaturised wearable measuring unit • touchless […]

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Best Water Bottle Bags for Staying Hydrated

Running belt fanny pack with bootle holder

Beat the heat and stay healthy by drinking more water. Summer brings sunshine, and sunshine brings heat and a greater chance of dehydration. As your activity and time spent outside increase, make sure you are getting enough water. As the weather heats up, your body starts to sweat to regulate its temperature. In all, you […]

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Bullet Journal – an analog gadget for the digital age

A gadget can be a variety of things, but basically its a tool to help make your day a little easier to handle. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook to write down your everyday business, thoughts and stuff that clutters your head and keeps you from feeling organized and being ahead […]

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Chilled wireless talking


Touching future communication! Another look back at our smart R&D projects. Always in love with emotional electronics we presented the market-ready version of the innovative „perCushion“ with the latest Bluetooth stereo quality at the CeBIT 2009. The stylish high-tech pillow for making relaxed phone calls and listening to music comes with speakers, a Bluetooth-interface and control […]

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Wearable mobile communication – R&D concept 2004/06


Back in 2004 URBAN TOOL started an R&D project on an wearable & wireless mobile communication concept. The project was supported by the Austrian ZIT (Centre for Information and Technology) and visualized our ideas for a wearable communication device. Now in 2015 the concept became more realistic since application became more capable, APPs entered the mobile […]

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Black fall essentials

black fall essentials travel kit belt pouch

Meet the A-list bags and holsters choice for this fall. Cool & stylish, functional & of unmistakable design. Bestselling gadget holders for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus, tablets, keys, wallets and all everyday carry. Perfect for travel, business, leisure, sport. We ship worldwide with nice offers @ www.urbantool.com

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Runway color trends fall winter 2015/16


Grey is the new black, strong, masculine and solid, the new grey style is dominated by a grey shade that speaks to timelessness. Long lasting, durable and practical, this basic grey style has classic appeal. URBAN TOOL is combining the style with a toasted almond brown and black. Sporty decorations in eclectic blue to give the […]

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New collection 2015 – need.want.love

The new URBAN TOOL collection is out! We Need.Want.Love them! Great new gear for travel like the cool travel legHolster perfectly made for 7´´ gadgets, the great travelKit a smart pouch that will become the perfect every day fellow or the super light weight travel backPack. Not to mention the super stylish travelPurse in colors […]

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