Wearable technologies


Wearable Technologies Conference & Exhibition 2016 EUROPE
January 26-27, 2016

URBAN TOOL exhibited at the show in Munich as one of the few global wearable technology pioneers. See a brief summary of the show highlights.

FraunhoferTextile-Integrated Electronic Systems – by FRAUNHOFER IZM
By integrating electronic components, textiles can be enhanced with many different functions such as sensors and lighting for the fashion sector, medical engineering, security, logistics and more. For example the Sporty Supaheroe jacket, an intelligent city-cycling jacket for the urban nomad.


i-Lume – wearable lighting
The i-Lume system provides high visibility, helping to increase your safety on the road, pathway, workplace or anywhere outdoors. It consists of a light module that is engineered to lock securely into a specially designed docking eyelet, so it can be easily integrated into apparel and other textile surfaces.

SpaceLuminaSPACE LUMINA – smart glasses
Space Lumina is a fully integrated binocular see-through augmented reality smart glasses. As an independently working wireless computer it delivers the unlimited power of the internet. It has an integrated touchpad at the side but can be also connected to a keyboard for office work. Equipped with a stereo bone contact system watching movies or gaming becomes an adventure.
Price: about 2.500 USD

KingiiKINGII – for more water safety
Kingii is a lifesaving wristband which brings safety to all those who love water. If one needs help to stay afloat, the person pulls the lever and an inflation bag pulls the person right to the surface.
Price: about 90 USD


AMBIORUN – smart shoe pod
Whatever your running goals, fitness, fun or competition, Ambiorun helps you stay motivated, focused and injury free. The digital coach analyzes your running techniques, suggests the optimal way to improve and provides real-time feedback to reach your healthiest running style.
Price: about 180 EUR


ANTELOPE – will boost up your fitness
Antelope series is the world’s first performance, based on EMS – Electro Muscle Stimulation. The natural muscle contraction will be strengthened through electrical impulses during workout.


LUPO – Keep track of your valuables straight from your smartphone
Lupo helps users to find and locate any item of value like wallet, travel bag or keys tagged with the small tracker connected via Lupo App from a smartphone. With Lupo you can find your things faster, protect the things you love and be alerted when you leave a tagged item behind.
Price: about 20 £


SKUGGA – dynamic eyewear
Skugga are sun glasses with dynamic tinting control, which can be controlled automatically depending on the surrounding light or manually through an App in your smartphone. Additionally Skugga has an integrated UV-sensor to monitor your UV exposure during the day.
Price: about 250 EUR


LIMMEX – the watch that can save lives
With the Limmex Emergency Watch you can request assistance at the push of a button. The user defines who will be called in case of an emergency. Thanks to the built-in loudspeaker and microphone the user can directly speak to the person selected who can arrange assistance. With Limmex you feel accompanied, looked after and secure. For an active life today and tomorrow.
Price: about 500 EUR