Why this are the only bags you will ever need!

Bags! There are endless designs and bags on the market. Small, big, exclusive, excellent, outstanding, conventional. So why establishing a new bag label? Already several years ago we noticed that like in the fashion industry the bags and accessories market is driven mainly by conventional patterns and long-term established categories, shapes, designs. There isn´t hardly […]

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Wearable in-shop sports shoe measuring unit


This wearable measuring device was developed for the German company Xybermind in 2003. The system included a jacket, a foot band and a foot sensor. Reebok was distribution partner for the wearable measuring unit. For the first time customers had the possibility to run naturally and not limited to a treadmill while measuring their running […]

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Glove for seamless computer interaction

Glove for Seamless Computer Interaction

The TZI SCIPIO Winspect Glove is a general-purpose wearable input device. In 2006 we developed the design and working prototype with our development lab “Loesungsmittel” for the University of Bremen. The fingerless glove with minimal covering on the inside of the arm and wrist ensures ergonomic fit with adjustable closings and elastic components. The zip […]

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World´s 1st wearable technology athleisure shirt


Time to introduce another wearable technology highlight of URBAN TOOL´S long list of wearable project: the grooveRider. The grooveRider shirt was released in 2007 and offered a smart textile interface to operate your iPod at the textile surface of your clothes. This pioneering URBAN TOOL project was one of world´s first real wearable technology projects […]

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Wearable mobile assistance system


The AIRBUS jacket is a research project URBAN TOOL developed 2006 for the TZI, Center for Computing and Communication Technologie and the MRC, Mobile Research Centre of the University of Bremen, Germany in course of the European research project “wearIT@work”. The jacket is a mobile portable assistance system for industrial maintenance work at AIRBUS 380. We developed […]

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Wearable technologies


Wearable Technologies Conference & Exhibition 2016 EUROPE January 26-27, 2016 SPORTS, HEALTHCARE, SAFETY, LIFESTYLE, SMART CLOTHING URBAN TOOL exhibited at the show in Munich as one of the few global wearable technology pioneers. See a brief summary of the show highlights. Textile-Integrated Electronic Systems – by FRAUNHOFER IZM By integrating electronic components, textiles can be enhanced […]

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Wearable mobile communication – R&D concept 2004/06


Back in 2004 URBAN TOOL started an R&D project on an wearable & wireless mobile communication concept. The project was supported by the Austrian ZIT (Centre for Information and Technology) and visualized our ideas for a wearable communication device. Now in 2015 the concept became more realistic since application became more capable, APPs entered the mobile […]

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Wearable technology

wearable technology

We are proud to announce a new category on our blog: wearable technology. Right from the beginning URBAN TOOL´s heart and intention was always close to this innovative field of functional and interactive wear and textiles. Even before starting the brand URBAN TOOL in 2004 we, a group of enthusiastic and unstoppable university leavers, experimented and researched […]

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