URBAN TOOL @ Bet Awards 2016


Vernetta came to us in January this year with the following request:
“My name is Vernetta Jenkins and I am a Producer/Stage Manager for television, film and live events in Los Angeles, CA. Looking at the photos on your site, it looks like this item might work for my many needs as a Stage Manager! However, for me, it’s a little difficult to know for sure until you actual feel, touch and actual use it. I have a few questions I’d like to confirm prior to ordering. Do you think this item can hold the following:
iPad Mini, iPhone 6, min 4 pens/highlighters, extra room for personal items i.e. small mints“
With some emails we illustrated the features of the caseHolster and answered her questions. She was happy & ordered 2 pieces and it all ended up at the BET AWARDS 2016.caseHolster_example2
Isn’t she great!vernettaBET2016_ vernettaBET2016_2Vernetta: „I LOVE THIS CASE!!! It’s 100% perfecto! I am on Day 2 of wearing it and it’s meeting all of my expectations & needs!“
Vernetta J‘-TV Producer/Stage Manager

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