Amazing flat waist pack for iPhone 7

belt bag for phone, keys, money, running gear URBAN TOOL ® caseBelt

Flat as a belt but roomy and comfortable as a waist pack the URBAN TOOL caseBelt is our stylish flat waist bag with 4 pockets. The design pockets with overlapping closure guarantee quick access and secure storage of all daily indispensables like phone, wallet or keys. The pockets fit 5-6´´ gadgets like the new iPhone 7 or iPhone […]

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Best accessory for Pokémon GO

Smartphone shoulder holster belt business URBAN TOOL ® businessHolster

Video blogger Álvaro from PartnerLife tested the businessHolster for his Pokémon night hunt. His feedback: “I loved the experience!” Unfortunately we do not speak Spanish but we love his video and are happy to see this funny and authentic real life test of our businessHolster. See the holster at 00:34 and 08:29   Thank you Álvaro &  PartnerLife for the review!

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URBAN TOOL @ Bet Awards 2016


Vernetta came to us in January this year with the following request: “My name is Vernetta Jenkins and I am a Producer/Stage Manager for television, film and live events in Los Angeles, CA. Looking at the photos on your site, it looks like this item might work for my many needs as a Stage Manager! However, for […]

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Best bags for vapers

Best Bags For Vapers

Viola is an active young lady – she hates handbags but she loves to vape. So where to store all the vaping tools and accessories? She discovered that the URBAN TOOL travel legHolster is simply the best bag for vapers like her. Happily she came to our shop and gave us a super positive feedback not […]

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Best URBAN TOOL bags for Crossfitters


Crossfitters spend half of their free time at the box (Box = Crossfit studio) so they need bags to take all their stuff along. This time we want to introduce 2 nice and roomy bags best made for crossfitters but also for other gym addicts. gymBag Made of organic cotton the gymBag is a light […]

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Backpack the ultimate flashpacking bag!

Stylish urban modular laptop backpack URBAN TOOL ® backpack

Simply but aptly named the “backpack“, this is URBAN TOOL’s first backpack and also their most traditional type of bag in their famously progressive line. But the attention to detail, primo craftsmanship and their modernistic style remains intact. When it comes to unique and creative ways to carry everyday gear, URBAN TOOL is one of […]

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Vinjabond reviewing caseholster as survival gear

vinjabond blogger adventure ourdoor caseholster holster urbantool

VINJABOND: Backpacks are probably the overall best way to carry a good amount of gear for long periods of time. But that comfort and freedom hinders accessibility; remove from back, unzip, zip, and replace on back. The caseHolster retains the comfort and freedom of a backpack without hindering accessibility. Just unzip, zip and go. The caseHolster […]

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