Pretty damn cool mens bags for summer 2017

Waist bag fanny pack for smartphones & wallet URBAN TOOL ® hipholster

As already GQ proofs, fanny packs and European carry-alls are cool and trendy this summer “And if you’re looking for further proof that gender-busting is taking over, just check out menswear’s latest #trending move: guys carrying small, cross body leather bags. Or, as we’re electing to call them, Tourist Pouches™. Now, we’re not talking about bucket bags or roomy leather sacks with loop handles. These are barely bigger than wallets and and ideal transport system for your shit during the summer months, when you’ve got less pocket space and want to avoid dreaded pocket bulk. Deem ‚em man purses if you want, but with the right gear worn alongside these bags—namely some ultra-rare high-fashion and streetwear—they can look pretty damn cool.” So carry your essentials in style with one of the striking man bags from URBAN TOOL this summer.

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See the best damn cool URBAN TOOL men bags.

Fanny Pack „hipHolster“ 

Shoulder holster „businessHolster“

Tablet sling bag „slotBar“

iPad backpack & sling bag


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