Smartphone shoulder holster belt business URBAN TOOL ® businessHolster

Isn´t it great to come back to the dreary autumn weather for enjoying a cozy afternoon curled up with a book in your favorite coffee & book store? And what goes better with coffee shops than a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages? We are proud to have a special and cozy coffee […]

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Best College Backpacks

Lightweight travel backpack men & women URBAN TOOL ® travel backpack

That´s for sure: backpacks are the best for this back-to-school season! Roomy and functional they offer you all you need for the start into this new school year. But even more backpacks are THE item to have this year for your first day of school! They are cool, hip and oh so comfy to wear. […]

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Best Water Bottle Bags for Staying Hydrated

Running belt fanny pack with bootle holder

Beat the heat and stay healthy by drinking more water. Summer brings sunshine, and sunshine brings heat and a greater chance of dehydration. As your activity and time spent outside increase, make sure you are getting enough water. As the weather heats up, your body starts to sweat to regulate its temperature. In all, you […]

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Pretty damn cool mens bags for summer 2017

Waist bag fanny pack for smartphones & wallet URBAN TOOL ® hipholster

As already GQ proofs, fanny packs and European carry-alls are cool and trendy this summer “And if you’re looking for further proof that gender-busting is taking over, just check out menswear’s latest #trending move: guys carrying small, cross body leather bags. Or, as we’re electing to call them, Tourist Pouches™. Now, we’re not talking about […]

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Working day life without a bag became next to impossible for most men. A much-needed arsenal of expensive laptops, smartphones, chargers, headphones and tools are required to get through a busy day. Work bags are becoming a mandatory accessory for men and have highly increasing markets. According to The NPD Group there is a significant […]

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Why this are the only bags you will ever need!

Bags! There are endless designs and bags on the market. Small, big, exclusive, excellent, outstanding, conventional. So why establishing a new bag label? Already several years ago we noticed that like in the fashion industry the bags and accessories market is driven mainly by conventional patterns and long-term established categories, shapes, designs. There isn´t hardly […]

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Smartphone and tablet holster waist bag URBAN TOOL ® travel legholster

Take your Nintendo Switch wherever you go! We have selected our best bags for easy packing and smart travel with your Nintendo. URBAN TOOL offers world´s best bags and holsters for phones and gadgets. Compact, protective, stylish, smart and portable TABLET GADGET HOLSTER FOR 7-8´´ Cool leg holster for 7-8´´ tablets (iPad mini), even big […]

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You may think bags are boring gifts but this guide will teach you other! Take a look at this incredible unique selection of innovative bags, perfect holiday gifts for him & her! 100% fail-proof and innovative. URBAN TOOL has so many happy customers. Give us your rating and win an exclusive 100,- € purchase voucher […]

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5 ways to stay fit in winter!

fit during winter

Exercising during winter is equally important as exercising during summer, but it’s a lot harder. Who wants to exercise when it’s cold and dark outside? So we tend to move less in winter time and therefore it’s not a surprise that we gain some unwanted fat – not to mention all those buttery treats of […]

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3 everyday carry heroes

tablet jacket shoulder holster gadget vest URBAN TOOL ® tablet holster

Familiar with the carry problems of the endless growing amount of everyday carry devices? Phone (5´´ what else?), earphones or should we say Airphones, extra battery pack, wallet, documents, more keys that you ever thought you need to carry every day, card holders, maybe a 2nd phone or a small tablet, cigarettes or e-cigarettes, pens, […]

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Amazing flat waist pack for iPhone 7

belt bag for phone, keys, money, running gear URBAN TOOL ® caseBelt

Flat as a belt but roomy and comfortable as a waist pack the URBAN TOOL caseBelt is our stylish flat waist bag with 4 pockets. The design pockets with overlapping closure guarantee quick access and secure storage of all daily indispensables like phone, wallet or keys. The pockets fit 5-6´´ gadgets like the new iPhone 7 or iPhone […]

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Wireless iPhone puppet with interactive Swarovski

Again time for and R&D project from the past. The start of the very first Apple iPhone in 2007 was a great hype. Everybody was overwhelmed by this new emotional interface and consumer product. For the first time the cell phone was less thought a mobile communications handset and more a pocket computer. This revolution […]

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