URBAN TOOL bag care

URBAN TOOL bags are made of durable and high quality fabrics. Depending on design and components many bags are even machine washable, especially all shoulder holsters and most waist holsters are made to be washable. Please check the inside care label to see if your URBAN TOOL product is washable.
Here some useful hints for bag care:

check the inside care label to see if your product is machine washableURBAN TOOL product care

we recommend to use a loundry bag for best washing results
URBAN TOOL product care

remove the key-yoyo before washingURBAN TOOL product care

clean non washable products with a wet clean clothURBAN TOOL product care

intensive use can sometimes cause pilling, we recommend Mom´s anti pilling tricks URBAN TOOL product care

URBAN TOOL product care

The product carry straps of URBAN TOOL products are made to be changed to different carry methods and to fit all type of users. If the strap is too long for your use, please cut to your adequate length and fix the ending with a lightener.URBAN TOOL product care