Best bags for urban cyclists

URBAN TOOL hipHolster URBAN TOOL hipHolster

Back to spring means back to life for all urban cyclists!
There is nothing better than feeling the freedom and new energy of owning your city again after a long and cold winter.
No matter if you are heading to the office, to the gym or just to meet some friends, URBAN TOOL has the perfect gears and bags for all urban cyclists.
We selected some of the best gears for cyclists:
URBAN TOOL hipHolster
This bestseller holster since several years is small but big. The pockets are just the right size and expand to gadgets up to 5´´ like iPhone 6, wallets, keys and more. It can be worn with or without leg strap and is perfectly designed for left and right handed users. The holster is ergonomically fitting and will let you completely forget you are wearing a bag.
Backpack are either too small and uncomfortable or way too big and bulky. Not to mention the terrible design you find on the markets. We created “the perfect backPack” and trying once your will be convinced. Roomy interior and compact exterior, clever functions and details like bottle holders, key carabiners are just some features to mention. Revolutionary is the modular concept that allow you to expand with the piggyback to gain + 8L capacity.
URBAN TOOL duffleBag
You need to carry more things by bicycle like your gym equipment or your heading to your girlfriend to spend the weekend at her house. The duffleBag is the solution, roomy and super lightweight it can be comfortable be worn as backpack. With extra water proof bag for shoes or clothing, padded tablet compartment and many pockets and details.

OWN YOUR CITY and have your hands free, gadgets save and all belongings with you!