The Levi´s ® The Commuter™ x Jacquard by Google

The Levi´s ® The Commuter™ x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket

Almost two years ago Google and Levi’s announced their plans to work on joint wearable projects. The first piece of project of this co-operation is now becoming real. Based on Googles Jacquard technology the two global players developed a trucker jacket designed specifically for urban bike commuters. The Googles Jacquard technology uses conductive yarns to […]

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day pack and fanny pack

As days are slightly getting warmer and the last snow piles are melting in Vienna we are getting back in riding mode! Grab your bicycles out of the cellars, equip yourself with a great URBAN TOOL bicycling bag and enjoy the freedom & let´s get the streets back after a long winter! Here our 2 favorite bags for […]

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sportHolster extreme mountain biking


Extreme mountain biking at the beautiful Austrian maintains this is Kurt´s passion. Kurt is one of the 3 founders of URBAN TOOL and he is really a hard core user of URBAN TOOL products. Here he is testing the new sportHolster and gave us his feedback. “The sportHolster is perfekt for all the small but valuable […]

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3 perfect bags for bike lovers

Waist pack bag for smartphones and wallet URBAN TOOL ® waistholster

As wetter is getting warmer it is time to introduce 3 perfect URBAN TOOL bags for bike lovers. Having your valuables ready at hand & secure and having full freedom for movement, this would be the perfect accessory every bike lover is asking for. URBAN TOOL best known for smart and functional solutions to store […]

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Must-have bicycling bags & holsters

URBAN TOOL best bicycling bags and holsters to ensure all your valuables are safe and protected. Waist and shoulder holsters cool looking and with perfect fit. They are washable, adjustable and have countless features like leg straps, key-yoyos, carabiners, reflectors or adaptable pockets. Buy them @ Ahhh and yes, we ship worldwide!

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Bicycle gears

Back on the road after winter bicyclists are looking for the coolest gears. At the “FixDich” bicycle store next to the URBAN TOOL Headquarters at the Reindorfgasse in Vienna you find great and cool gears and can complete your equipment with URBAN TOOL bags and holsters just next door. caseHolster: practical waist holster for 7 […]

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Best bags for urban cyclists

BEST BAGS FOR URBAN CYCLISTS! Back to spring means back to life for all urban cyclists! There is nothing better than feeling the freedom and new energy of owning your city again after a long and cold winter. No matter if you are heading to the office, to the gym or just to meet some […]

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