Vinjabond reviewing caseholster as survival gear

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caseHolster_Vinjabond_4caseHolster_Vinjabond_3caseHolster_Vinjabond_2VINJABOND: Backpacks are probably the overall best way to carry a good amount of gear for long periods of time. But that comfort and freedom hinders accessibility; remove from back, unzip, zip, and replace on back. The caseHolster retains the comfort and freedom of a backpack without hindering accessibility. Just unzip, zip and go.

The caseHolster securely and comfortably attaches to your hip like a belt. That means the gear you need is always within easy reach since it’s right where your hands are naturally. In fact, it’s like augmented pockets on your legs.

By design the caseHolster is made to carry just a few vital items to work independently or as a supplemental bag. It’s versatile with a clever build so it can suit many packing requirements. I personally use it as my on-the-go-tech-pack or as an hiking-camping-hunting-secondary-pack, both pictured. Again, it’s not suppose to pack everything, just the things you would want quick access to or things of importance.

Unlike a traditional backpack, the caseHolter could be worn almost seamlessly in just about all situations like carry-on for flights and semi-formal events. Being that the concept is it’s a holster, it’s worn more like an article of clothing than a piece of luggage. You put it on and forget it, until you need something that is.

Due to the timing of receiving my caseHolster, I put it through extremely hard use through the Amazon Rainforest during a 72 hour survival exercise. Considering that this was designed for everyday use as a tablet bag, I was more than impressed after what I put it through as my „go-to bag“ with my tools and kits in the jungle. But on the flight back I used it for it’s intended use by putting in my iPad Mini along with my tech essentials and passport. It made my travels quite convenient and realized it was the perfect flying companion.

The way we carry things whether it be wallets, suitcases or backpacks hasn’t really changed in a long time but the caseHolster is an innovation to the „bag“.

John V Cain is founder and editor of VINJABOND. Professional traveler, adventurer and former covert operator.

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