Travel bags

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When it comes to travel bags can never be enough functional, light-weighted and ergonomic to wear. The more electronics and gadgets we need to take along the more serious are these questions.

And we take more and more gadgets along with us even when going on vacation. We have selected a range of functional and useful bags that support you perfect when on travel.

Let´s start with the smart slyCase, a 7 -9 ´´ bag and bestseller of our product range. This bag is super light weighted and can be even worn very close to your body by adding to your belt. It offers great functions to store all your everyday essential and all your travel documents and personal belongings. The slyCase comes in 4 great colors: junge, nautic, rust and black for sure.

When it comes to travel bags we MUST introduce our modular backPack. Not only that the backPack has plenty of features like a bottle holder, several compartments for tablets and computers but also you can extend the backPack with the little piggyBack. This modular system is unique on the market and allows you to separate your belongings, for instance you may separate electronics from traveling fare or your toiletries. For flights you may even check in the backPack but use the piggyBack as cabin luggage.

The 3rd all-rounder we want to present to you as perfect travel mate is the URBAN TOOL reporterBag big, light-weighted, functional and with different wearing options (you may easily change from shoulder to backpack wearing) this bag is perfect for everybody. The slim and vertical design and the intelligent shoulder strap connection ensures that this bag stays always close to your body even when standing in a crowd.

Camera bags are a travel essential. The URBAN TOOL camBag has just the right size, not too big to be too bulky & heavy and not too small to fit all your camera essentials. You may perfectly store an SRL camera and 1 – 2 lenses and additionals. The bag can be worn cross shoulders, as backpack or around the waits. So it can be even a smart solution for backpackers.

THE pouch to have when going on travel is the camPouch, easy to wear even under your jacket it can store all valuable essentials safe and handy. OK the name maybe a bit confusing, but this pouch is way more than a camera pouch, it is a perfect everyday companion!

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