Waist pack bag for smartphones and wallet URBAN TOOL ® waistholster

Beach, city travel, backpacking? No matter what vacation you are planing to do this summer, we have the best and most secure bags for facing all types of travel.. Like this waist holster pack for all essential gadgets and belongings. Sorting pockets for clear overview, hidden pocket on backside, key retraction yoyo, one size fits all […]

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New in – Roomster for 6-7´´ tablets

Tablet and smartphone belt pouch tool case URBAN TOOL ® tabletpouch

Gear up to have all tools at hand with our new tablet pouch for 6-7 inch tablets and many other gears and gadgets. No matter if you want to store your 7´´ tablet, a 6´´ phone, a huge bunch of keys, your wallet and other tools, this little pouch is a real roomster! 6 dividing […]

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Best autumn hiking accessoires

Vienna is based in the mid of a beautiful landscape, not high mountains but beautiful wine yards, rolling hills, gorgeous woods and impressive nature. It takes so little to escape the hectic city life and to find relaxation and real rest. Anja, CEO of URBAN TOOL, gets passionate when it comes to hiking and enjoying […]

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Photo diary & review: travel backpack

Lightweight travel backpack men & women URBAN TOOL ® travel backpack

Anja, co-founder and CEO of URBAN TOOL: “ I love travelling and being active when I´m on vacation. This year I spent my summer holidays on Madeira, the beautiful Portuguese island west from Morocco at the Atlantic Ocean. The island is very special this year since weather caprioles have created natural waterfalls and blooming and […]

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Best bags for the beach

Tablet shoulder bag holster function URBAN TOOL® slycase bag

CASEBELT All essentials like phone, money and keys in a slim and comfortable belt bag. Fits up to iPhone 6 plus, available in various colors. GYMBAG Life is easy when you are on vacation! A draw-string bag is all you need. Nice, stylish and made of organic cotton with zippered pocket for smaller things like phone or […]

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The perfect travel purse

Hey! Travel season is on! But which purse to choose for your travel? Does the perfect travel purse for girls exist? I mean something really practical so that you can store all your indispensables like passport, phone, wallet and is secure, leaves our hands free is small and slim and super light weighted? I mean something really […]

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Living in such a beautiful country like Austria is a privilege. Just close to our home town Vienna, btw the #1 city to live according to the magazine Forbes, you find beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes and almost virgin nature. No need for long distance travels the beauty is just around the corner. Back to nature best […]

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Winter travel essentials

Winter Travel Essentials

Travelling in winter can be very annoying warm clothing, heavy suitcases, a lot of bulky equipment like boots, ski… so how to store and carry your indispensables like phone, cards, money will become a key issue for comfort and safety. We have selected the best URBAN TOOL bags and holsters for winter travels. Get them […]

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Best bags & holsters for city trips


Fall is the time for city trips. The weather has cooled down and traveling becomes comfy and cosy again. Exploring the beautiful cities around Europe, having a warm coffee in a nice bar, shopping for X-mas.. we all love that. We have the perfect bags and holsters to have a great and secure travel time. Find […]

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Vinjabond reviewing travelKit EDC belt pouch


The supreme convenience and functionality of a fanny pack with the added benefit of not being one and looking damn good while doing it. VINJABOND: “The creative minds at URBAN TOOL have a tendency to solve problems of everyday carry that I didn’t know was a problem until they’ve already solved it. Case in point […]

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What´s in my suitcase?

what is in my suitcase

✓ URBAN TOOL slotBar in color black, 49,90 EUR ✓ URBAN TOOL travelKit in color grey, 39,90 EUR ✓ favourite book <3 ✓ my polaroid camera for party fun ✓ my iPad ✓ sunglasses ✓ URBAN TOOL travel backPack for my city trips, 79,90 EUR ✓ my flip flops ——————————————————————————————————————– ✓ URBAN TOOL caseBelt in color grey, 49,90 EUR ✓ my straw hat ✓ towels & […]

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5 best travel gear

best travel gear and quotes

Wearing is better than carrying – this becomes even more important on travel when you want your gadgets safe and nothing else than enjoying life and freedom. We present our 5 best travel gear – functional, smart, handy and stylish. Adventure is calling! From top to bottom: URBAN TOOL travel legHolster URBAN TOOL travelKit URBAN […]

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