Wearing your bags is better than carrying

vinjabond sportholster running vest holster survival
Leisure: Wearing the sportHolster while Trekking Pico de Orizaba Volcano in Mexico
New York Time Square, Guy consulting the NYPD
Work: Wearing the sportHolster and caseBelt while consulting the NYPD in Times Square during an evacuation

John Cain, Vinjabond: Bags, duffles, purses, totes and even backpacks are designed to be carried, a property responsibility and physical impediment. You can’t always help the amount of things you need to carry but if at all possible, wearing is better than carrying. The longer or more demanding the activity, the more these „bags“ will hold you down.

The solution is the shoulderholsters line from URBAN TOOL.

Pockets in our pants or coats are so convenient, they are a part of our clothes, something that we wear and not something extra we need to haul. It’s like a natural extension of our bodies. Such is the case with the holster way of „carrying“ bags. It forms ergonomically to our bodies like an article of clothing. This gives the user a more comfortable way to carry the extra things that don’t fit in ordinary pockets as well as making those items much more accessible.

With the URBAN TOOL designed holsters, you won’t need to remove the bag to take anything out. Everything is within arm’s reach. Makes for a very ideal gear holder. Furthermore, the fact that you never have to remove the holster from direct contact, makes it just about impossible to lose. Lost luggage is a thing of the past. These benefits increases mobility for everyday life like going to work or more exciting days like hiking mountains. Movement and activity is just better when your limbs have more freedom.

Holsters can’t replace a full size backpack or tote for when you need to carry lots of things but it’s not supposed to. It’s meant to carry the essentials and gear of what’s most important for everyday needs and valuables.