Must-have bicycling bags & holsters

URBAN TOOL best bicycling bags and holsters to ensure all your valuables are safe and protected. Waist and shoulder holsters cool looking and with perfect fit. They are washable, adjustable and have countless features like leg straps, key-yoyos, carabiners, reflectors or adaptable pockets. Buy them @ Ahhh and yes, we ship worldwide!

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Wearing your bags is better than carrying

vinjabond sportholster running vest holster survival

John Cain, Vinjabond: Bags, duffles, purses, totes and even backpacks are designed to be carried, a property responsibility and physical impediment. You can’t always help the amount of things you need to carry but if at all possible, wearing is better than carrying. The longer or more demanding the activity, the more these “bags” will hold […]

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