Gadget shoulder holster for iPhone and all 5″ phones, compartments for wallet, passport, pen, with key retraction yo-yo – businessHolster

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Gadget shoulder holster for all EDC stuff like 5-6″ phones or iPhone 7 plus, with cable routing, ergonomic cut, skinfriendly materials, awarded design. Business edition.
Art.No BUH01SM



This gadget shoulder holster scores with it’s comfortable and ergonomic fit as well as the big pockets to store all important things you’ll need in your daily routine. From now on your wallet, cards, several smart phones (5-6”), pens and more EDC are stored at every meeting, adventure or business-trip close to your body and ready to hand. The holster is enjoyable to wear and disappears below your jacket if you want it to.

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  • 1 roomy pocket for smart phones & business equipment, max. space: 15,8 x 8cm (6.22 x 3.15 in.)
  • 1 roomy pocket for wallet and 5-6” gadgets, max. space: 15,8 x 8cm (6.22 x 3.15 in.) and 13 x 10cm (5.11 x 3.94 in.)
  • 1 zipper pocket on backside, max. space: 18,5 x 11cm (7.28 x 4.33 in.)
  • 1 pocket for MP3 player with cable routing & outlet, max. space: 13,7 x 6,7cm (5.39 x 2.64 in.) (iPhone 7)
  • 1 slot for keys or USB-stick with URBAN TOOL key yo-yo, max. space: 10 x 6cm (3.94 x 2.36 in.)
  • 1 pen case
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • tie down strap (removeable)
  • wearable under a suit
  • close and safe storage
  • machine washable 30°

Outer shell:
80% polyamide | 20% Lycra

8 reviews for Gadget shoulder holster for iPhone and all 5″ phones, compartments for wallet, passport, pen, with key retraction yo-yo – businessHolster


    I had bought the previous model (basic holster) and I was so satisfied that I bought a second one. The quality of the material is outstanding, the carrying capacity is amazing. Overall a great product that helps you stay organized.

  2. ramazanaydin23

    I regred not buying this product before it is legendary

  3. Melvin Pratt

    I would purchase it if you had a double holster……one on either side. Also, a company called eholster ( has been around for years.
    I could use it for small needed tools I use in the IT field. Please do consider a double holster. Meanwhile, I will mke an effort in a purchase.

  4. Drey

    I have basic holster and pretty happy!
    >> But we HAVE a double sided version
    Could you provide a link (can’t find it by myself)?

  5. Antonio

    I’m very interested by his product but what measure do I take in my body to know if I should take the S/M or L/XL. ? In another site the advice was to measure the width between shoulder and this measurement was below 56Cm choose the S/M size. If it was above 56Cm choose the L/XL. Do you confirm it in urban tool site ?
    Could you give more precision about the durability of this tool ?


      Dear Antonio!
      THX for your comment and interest. For holsters with 2 sizes like this gadget shoulder holster / businessholster we recommend the bigger size for 52cm and + shoulder width. It is also easy when comparing to shirt sizes, if you go for S or M shirts, go for the smaller size, if you go for L or XL shirt sizes go for the bigger size. Please check our size guide clearly for these details:
      In regard of durability best is to check our customer reviews:

  6. Antonio

    Good evening,

    Thank you for your answer.
    I have another question :
    In one of yours fotos, we can see a plier to fix to the trousers. Is it an option that we can decide to put or not ? Indeed, in the other fotos there are not the presence of pliers.


      Dear Antonio! You are right, the clip can be fully removed if you don´t want to use it. Hope my answer is helpful. BR Sabrina / URBAN TOOL

  7. Antonio

    Good morning,

    I’ m always thinking to buy this product, to help me for organization.
    Your products are they guarantee during one year for example, in normal conditions of use, of course. The material to make it is it resistant ? I’m afraid that the fabric ripped after few month, and considering the price …… I would like that this perspective doesn’t arrived.
    I subscribe to your newsletter. If I understood, I could get 10% of reduction. Isn’t it ? How could I make to benefit from this reduction of cost ?
    The next step will be an order.

    Best regards



      Dear Antonio! Thank you for your request and comment. Regarding quality and durability I think it is best you check the reviews we get from our customers, especailly for this holster. They are the best proof for our excelent design and quality. It is one of our overall best selling products. Yes you can directly add your discount code to your cart and activate it to get the cst reduction. Please do not hesitate coatcing us @ for any help or assistance. BR Sabrina / URBAN TOOL

  8. Jacky (verified owner)

    I bought this holster for my Christmas gift. The package had a good protection. The delivery time was reasonable. After I used this for a few weeks, I noticed the clip is too soft and not clip tight to my belt or pants. After I email to UT, they sent us another spare clip for replacement. I used this for a few months now and very satisfied. I use this during the weekdays for my work and use cowboy holster during the weekend. You cannot find this similar product from other stores. Recommended.

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