Size Guide


UT utility belts are one size with long and adjustable belt straps up to XL.
If the strap is too long, you can trim the length of the strap to fit your size,
and then bake the edge with fire.
If you need an extra long strap please do not hesitate contacting us we are happy to customize the strap length for you.

UT utility vest come in sizes because correct shoulder fit requires more than 1 size.
But it is easy to understand: do the t-Shirt test
If you wear t-shirts size S or M go for holster size 1 & size S/M.
If you wear t-shirts size L or larger go for size 2 & size L/XL. (Fits also XXL guys!)

ALL VESTS will enlarge a bit when wearing,

The pocket of our vest have the same size no matter if size 1 or size 2 or size S/M or L/XL. The sizing is always related to body size and never pocket size.

–> GIRLS: Please note our utility vests are unisex products.
We recommend girls always size 1/size S/M because girls shoulders are much more narrow even if you are athletic or bigger.

size 1: upper arm circumference up to 32cm / 12.6 in.
size 2: upper arm circumference 32 up to 44cm / 12.6 to 17.3 in.

If you need any help with the sizing please drop us an email we will be happy to assist you.