Size Guide

size guide









a: measure shoulder width from side to side at widest position.

b: measure upper arm circumference.

But the sizing is actual not too difficult since the models are also adjustable in size.
Best orientation is your -t-shirt size, if you wear S or M t-shirts then go for size S/M (size 1) with our holsters.
If you wear t-shirts in size L or XL then go for our holster in size L/XL (size 2)
please note the holsters are unisex products therefore we recommend: girls always go for the smaller size (size S or 1)

holster sizeSML
dress sizefemale up to 40, male up to 46female up to 42, male up to 5242 & 52 and above
shoulder width (cm)up to 48 cm48 cm  to 56 cm56 cm and above
shoulder width (inches)up to 18.9 in.18.9 in. to 22 in.22.5 in. and above


holster sizesize 1size 2
holster sizeS/ML/XL
dress sizefem below 42, male shirt size S or Mfem above 42, male shirt size L and above
shoulder width (cm)up to 51 cm52 cm and above
shoulder width (inches)up to 21.5 in.21.5 in. and above


 armband sizesize 1  size 2
 upper arm (cm) up to 32 cm 32 cm to 44 cm
 upper arm (inches) up to 12.6 in. 12.6 to 17.3 in.