About us

Over 15 years URBAN TOOL is market leader in close-fitting and casual bags and holsters to carry and hold mobile phones, tablets and other devices of our everyday life. “Already at the beginning 16 years ago we had the feeling that mobile phones and mobile electronic will become increasingly important, but the market was lacking practical and good looking solutions to carry them. So we developed a bag matching perfectly our requirements, unconventional though but functional and stylish.” so Sabrina Tanner, founding member of URBAN TOOL.
The official start of the company and brand URBAN TOOL was then done by winning the BRANDNEW AWARD at the famous ISPO fair in Munich in the category accessories in June 2014. Prize was a booth at the ISPO Summer in Munich and so first international trading contacts were made.
Throughout the years the company was able to establish a broad range of bags and holsters perfectly designed to carry handhelds during everyday life and collected numerous national and international awards thanks to unique and outstanding products and the company‘s economic performance.
The company’s collection includes bags and holsters as well as backpacks and laptop bags. All styles are designed with multiple functions and wearing options. The company is not only developing its own designs but is also offering customized designs for business customers and individualized work wear.
Since the start wearable design and wearable technology was of most interest for URBAN TOOL. The company always worked on solutions how to store and carry handheld devices; all these solutions are sourced by the vision that technology will become more emotional and wearable one day.
Following this vision URBAN TOOL always invested in visionary concepts of wearable and emotional electronics, like bags and shirts with integrated interfaces or cuddle cushion phones. URBAN TOOL has always been first mover and pioneer in the field of ready-to-market wearables.
But not only these pioneering projects but also the development of wearable products for several companies and research institutes, like the University of Bremen has always been the innovation force for the company. The wearable industry and its developments will always be the core interest of URBAN TOOL since it hits the general question of the brand “how to carry technology” and technology is developing and becoming more sophisticated.
Designing the future of wearable communication and new concepts for wearable technology will be a high innovative segment in future. We believe that wearable technology will be revolutionary if not only focusing on collecting data but more questioning how is data applied to real life and how do our devices react to this new possibilities.
Headquarters is located in Austria/Vienna: shop, office & creative lab, showroom, studios, warehouse