About us

Anja, Kurt and Sabrina the founders of URBAN TOOL probably wouldn´t describe themselves as tech-nerds. But they are designing crazy ideas for quite some time! Almost 15 years URBAN TOOL is now manufacturing close-fitting and casual bags and holsters that integrate mobile phones, tablets and other devices into everyday life. “Already at the beginning 16 years ago we had the feeling that mobile phones and mobile electronic will becoming increasingly important, but the market was lacking practical and good looking solutions to carry them. So we developed a bag matching perfectly our requirements, unconventional though but functional and stylish.” This first URBAN TOOL bag in 1999 has drawn so much attention that the 3 friends decided to develop an industrial designed concept for mass production for this bag. The URBAN TOOL basicHolster was born and marked the start of the serial production of URBAN TOOL products.
The official start of the company and brand URBAN TOOL was then done by winning the BRANDNEW AWARD at the famous ISPO fair in Munich in the category accessories in June 2014. Prize was a booth at the ISPO Summer in Munich and so first international trading contacts were made.
15 years may sound a long time, but starting a brand from the scratch and establishing a new category of products is a long way to go. 15 years ago nobody was thinking of using and carrying 11inch mobile devices permanently in everyday life.
Starting the URBAN TOOL idea at the show in Munich in 2004 with 2 handmade prototypes on the shelves the collection has grown continuously to over 40 styles and worldwide distribution. Still small, independent and crazy we love what we do and we strongly believe that cloth and bags should reflect our digital and modern lifestyle more.

Throughout the last years we have been able to collect numerous national and international awards thanks to unique and outstanding products and the company‘s economic performance.

Headquarters is located in Austria/Vienna: shop, office & creative lab, showroom, studios, warehouse