URBAN TOOL corporate backback BRZ Corporate Backpack for BRZ For the Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) we have developed a customized Backpack in their corporate colors and with customized Logos. The backpack was given to their employees for Xmas 2018 refecting and supporting the fact that many of them go by bicycle to work. Project start August 2018 - delivery November 2018 read more
leanbelt wearable measuring unit Lean Belt – wearable measuring unit “What cannot be measured cannot be improved.” LEANBELT - customized Design for Sylvia Lawry Centre - The Human Motion Institute The leanbelt is a novel system to capture and analyse human motion. Designed for clinical researches for multiple sclerosis and people & children with movement disorders. Main features: • miniaturised wearable measuring unit • touchless… read more
Novomatic corporate Products NOVOMATIC CORPORATE TABLET BAG For our B2B customer Novomatic Lottery Solutions GmbH we designed and manufactured corporate tablet bags for their international staff. The aim was to visualize the innovative and smart roots of the Austrian company Novomatic Lottery Solutions GmbH by choosing an innovative young Austrian label and an high functional tablet bag. read more
A1 Corporate Products A1 CORPORATE PRODUCTS For the biggest Austrian Telecom Provider the A1 Telekom Austria AG we designed and manufactured customized and branded products. The laptop bag and the weekender bag have been manufactured in customized CI colors and with Co branded labels and logos. read more
More than a shirt In 2006 the Apple iPod Nano 2nd generation was released. For the first time music players became super light weighted and slim. A totally new feeling of freedom and independence, especially for runners and athletes. In those days we developed the iShirt, the very first athletic shirt especially made for Apples Nano series. The iShirt… read more
smart interface Waist bag fanny pack for smartphones & wallet URBAN TOOL ® hipholster Smart interface gadget holster Time for a little throwback to a wearable product we developed and launched as pioneer in this innovative segment wearable electronics. This time we introduce the ihipHolster we launched in 2010. The Apple licensed accessory is a gadget holster for all day-to-day items with an embedded & washable smart interface to operate all current Apple iPods… read more
WEARABLE IN-SHOP SPORTS SHOE MEASURING UNIT Wearable in-shop sports shoe measuring unit This wearable measuring device was developed for the German company Xybermind in 2003. The system included a jacket, a foot band and a foot sensor. Reebok was distribution partner for the wearable measuring unit. For the first time customers had the possibility to run naturally and not limited to a treadmill while measuring their running… read more
Glove for Seamless Computer Interaction Glove for seamless computer interaction The TZI SCIPIO Winspect Glove is a general-purpose wearable input device. In 2006 we developed the design and working prototype with our development lab “Loesungsmittel” for the University of Bremen. The fingerless glove with minimal covering on the inside of the arm and wrist ensures ergonomic fit with adjustable closings and elastic components. The zip… read more
WORLD`S 1ST WASHABLE & WEARABLE MUSIC PLAYER World`s 1st washable & wearable music player This week´s wearable technology editions features the world´s 1st washable MP3 Player. URBAN TOOL developed this unique IT device in the year 2000 (!) Yes right: washable and yes: in the year 2000! (Apples first iPod was released October 2001!) Being bloody crazy start-ups that hardly had left university we have been driven by futuristic and new… read more
WEARABLE MOBILE ASSISTANCE SYSTEM Wearable mobile assistance system The AIRBUS jacket is a research project URBAN TOOL developed 2006 for the TZI, Center for Computing and Communication Technologie and the MRC, Mobile Research Centre of the University of Bremen, Germany in course of the European research project “wearIT@work”. The jacket is a mobile portable assistance system for industrial maintenance work at AIRBUS 380. We developed… read more