NOSE MASK, (adults) sustainable, washable, local and reusable, DRAGONFLY


Sustainable, washable, local and reusable. Sewn by hand in Vienna. With comfortable thin elastic band, nose underwire for perfect & slip proof fit and for wearing glasses and shades. Breathy and comfortable materials, easy to clean. Sorry 10% discount not applicable on nose masks.



Sustainable, washable, local and reusable. Sewn by hand in Vienna, this makeshift nasal mask offers a sensible alternative to a disposable mouthguards. With this mouthguard you can reduce the droplet transfer without using important protective material for trained personnel. Washable at 60° and suitable for hot ironing, which helps to disinfect the mask. This mouthguard is completely self-made, so it is neither tested nor certified. Use is your own responsibility. It is not self-protection, it is usefull to protect others.
With nose underwire to fix it. We recommend to wear disposable coffee or tea filter (in every household) underneath to improve protection. Dispose these filters after use.

Most important and even when wearing masks you should always follow the following rules: stay home, wash your hands and keep social distance of 6 feet. A mask is an additional protection and never substitutes these elementary protection rules.


Comfort: A mask only helps if it is worn consistently and correctly. We have therefore placed comfort and fit at the top of our list of requirements. Pleasant fabrics and beautiful designs are a basic requirement. Furthermore we choose a thin rubber band that does not hurt behind your ear and is also comfortable to wear with glasses. A wire clip on the nose is essential in order to accommodate glasses wearers even better and to ensure a tight fit.

Care: We believe that hot ironing of the mask must be guaranteed as this is an important and quick way of care. Daily washing is impractical and cannot be guaranteed. But ironing the mask hot every day before wearing is easy to integrate into everyday life. The design has been optimized in this regard. Washing is of course also possible and is recommended by us at regular intervals.

Adjust the masks well in size so that they fit snugly. The length of the elastic is designed to fit all face sizes, please knot it to fit your face shape so that it fits snugly, then cut off the protruding end and weld it with a lighter.

For double protection, we recommend inserting a coffee filter or tea filter inside (cut to size, shape almost fits anyway). This is hygienic and an additional protection that everyone has easy at home or can easily buy. We have not provided a compartment for the filter, because the mask remains much cleaner and drier if the filter is not inside the mask but is worn between the mask and the skin. In addition, inserting the filter is a complex fiddling with the mask that should be avoided. Sorry that may sound strange now, but it is a good tip in a strange time.

Why should we wear masks?
Staying home is the best protection. But every now and then we have to go outside. The droplet transfer is probably the most common way to get infected, which means you could get infected when people near you cough or sneeze. These people do not even need to show any symptoms to be infectious. A recent study proofs that the collective wearing of masks has an important impact on the virus spread. In many Asian countries it is very common to wear masks and many wonder why we western countries do hesitate in wearing mouthguards, although it is a very easy thing to do. SEE STUDY

Do selfmade masks even protect?
Fabrics made of cotton, like T-shirt materials for instance, reduce particles up to 70% even up to very small virus particles. Some household materials filter even more. SEE STUDY

Why do we produce masks?
The professional personnel do very urgently need professional protection and it is a very rare good at the moment. We, as we are disposed to much lower risk, should not use these valuable professional mouthguards.
Since we at URBAN TOOL have materials and facilities to produce hand-sewn makeshift nose masks, we have started doing so. Furthermore this helps us a small enterprise to stay pro-active and do something useful to overcome the current crises. All are manufactured by hand at our studios in Vienna.

How do you use and clean our masks?
Our hand-sewn masks can be reused unlimited times. After wearing you should wash the mask (60°C) or heathen up in a pot and clean with soap. After that we recommend hot ironing since the virus is highly heat sensitive and cannot survive temperatures of 40-60°C