NEW IN 3-in-1 Tablet Bag

3-in-1 tablet bag URBAN TOOL

3-in-1 tablet bag
shoulder holster, waist pack or shoulder bag
– you decide our bag can do it all!

The 3-in-1 tablet bag is a flexible multifunctional tablet bag for pads up to 12´´. It can be changed from shoulder holster to a simple shoulder bag in no time. Additionally it can also be worn on the waist as a side-bag. Bigger tablets can be stored in a padded main compartment. The different front pockets feature additional space for 7´´ gadgets, smartphones up to 6´´ as well as for wallet & keys.
3 wearing options: shoulder holster – shoulder bag – waist bag


URBAN TOOL 3-in-1 tablet bag
3-in-1 tablet bag worn as shoulder harness  – die 3-in-1 Tasche hier als Schultergurt getragen
3-in-1 tablet bag waist pack wearing option
3-in-1 tablet bag worn as waist pack – die 3-in-1 Tasche getragen als Hüft/Beintasche 
3-in-1 tablet bag shoulder bag wearing option
3-in-1 tablet bag worn as shoulder bag – die 3-in-1 Tasche als Umhängetasche
3-in-1 tablet bag detail 12´´ compartment
12´´ compartment fits all iPads and tablets – das 12´´ Fach passt für alle iPads und 12´´ Tablets
3-in-1 tablet bag detail 7´´ compartment
7´´ tablet compartment – vorne noch ein 7´´ Fach
3-in-1 tablet bag detail phone pocket
roomy pockets for phones – geräumige Fächer für Smartphone & Co
3-in-1 tablet bag detail key yoyo
key pocket with key retraction yoyo – Schlüsselfach mit Rückzugs-Jojo
3-in-1 tablet bag detail pen case
pen case – Stiftfach
super easy from shoulder bag to waist pack to shoulder harness 3-in-1 – Im Nu von Umhängetasche zu Hüfttasche oder Schultergurt umgebaut-

Excellent shoulder holster vest for iPad mini & iPad 9.7