The URBAN TOOL story

Even if we might look big, URBAN TOOL is a small company based in Vienna / Austria. Sabrina founded the company in 2004 together with 2 partners by making bags of her own use in her own small studios. Now URBAN TOOL has a broad collection of bags and holsters and Sabrina is running the business on her own. “Creating and designing products is not only my profession but it´s also my passion” so Sabrina. She is the creative head of URBAN TOOL: “Over 16 years ago I designed the first URBAN TOOL bag and I still love the concept of super useful bags that are optimized to support your everyday life and free your hands and trousers pockets. I´m an active person myself, I go by bicycle – always even in winter, I love to do sport, crossfit in special and I love to ride my motorbike, so you can imagine I know and use all my bags very well”

Sabrina Tanner

“Every time you order an URBAN TOOL bag you make me happy & proud because it looks like I did a good job BUT most important you support a small business. So if you love my bags and want to see more of these unique and amazing bags, support my business.”

If you ever have the chance to come to Vienna, visit our nice small shop / boutique and meet me for a chat. UT is located in a super nice shopping street in an upcoming district of Vienna.

We work hard to fulfill your orders with most diligence and care, each parcel is packed individually and with love. Customer service plays a big role at UT. We even repair and alter bags if you have special requests.
individual packing of online shop orders

With latest productions we changed to paper wrapping instead of plastic and we are super happy. Remember even the small things count and everybody can help to save our planet!
sustainable no plastic wrapping of our goods