Black vs cocao great accessory trend colors

URBAN TOOL bestseller in black 2015 runway color trends black

Black is back and was never gone! Again black and grey shades are top colors. Men´s fashion world is dominated by non-colors and more than ever by blacks!
URBAN TOOL styles combine different black shades and material surfaces & structures to a great and interesting all in black style. Far from boring this classy styles are always best-selling.

URBAN TOOL bestseller in color cocao 2015 runway color trends cocao

This dark and soft brown with a hint of purple is a great season high light. Not only the runways around the world high light this eclectic and masculine new color,
also the interior and automotive industry is in love with this deep and powerful color. Some call it Cocao some Marsala but no matter the name it is perfect to match a classy and sporty lifestyle. It enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.