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URBAN TOOL businessHolster TabletURBAN TOOL businessHolster Tablet

Looking for shoulder holsters that look cool and are convenient to wear?
Get yourself one of our great shoulder holsters, perfectly designed to fit iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus or 7´´ tablets.
The skin friendly material is not only comfortable to wear but also machine washable. Elastic and adjustable the holsters easily adopt to any body, any situation and any gadget. Designed to fit and to love. Available in different styles and sizes.
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URBAN TOOL backPack & slyCase URBAN TOOL backPack URBAN TOOL slyCase

Our goal was to develop a backpack that is able to adopt to different body shapes and can cover the need for small and big backpacks all in one. The unique connection of shoulder straps with rotatable rings allows perfect wearing properties for any body and any shoulder, with length adjustment and skin friendly materials the backpack is perfectly designed to fit comfortable. The elaborate front design is not only good looking but also a smart and secure connection to the backpack extension piggyback that can easily extend the size of the backpack of + 8L capacity. And it would not be an URBAN TOOL product if it would not offer many additional functions like bottle holders, key holders and many pockets and slots.
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7inch is a gadget size too big to simply be carried in your cloth pockets but too small to legitimate an entire bag just to take along the gadget. The slyCase is the perfect solution for all 7inchers and it is both a bag but also a sleeve. You want your hands free? Wear the case on your belt. You don´t mind a small bag? Use the slyCase with the enclosed shoulder carry strap. Fits all 7-8 inch tablets, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, quickly adjustable from bag to sleeve! Available in many colors.
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