Wearable urban performer unit


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Before the year 2015 ends it is time to look back again to one of our wearable technology projects. This time we present you the glamorous and edgy URBAN PERFORMER UNIT a stylish made for iPod & iPhone licenced purse with embedded technology. The urban performer unit was launched to market in 2009 and showed IT at its best, interactive, stylish and on the highest technological level of those days. The exclusive leather purse impressed with geometrical design, outstanding workmanship and glittering black-in-black Swarovski crystals. The high-tech interface, also coded by Swarovski crystals, was able to be connected with iPods and iPhones and could operate those devices. Several slots and pockets helped to store all devices safe and clear. The pioneering ready to market URBAN PERFORMER UNIT was available as limited edition.

• integrated iPod interface panel
• interface: play/stop
volume +/-
• inner cable-connection,
30-pin iPod connector
• Swarovski crystals
• flexible pockets for iPod,
mobile phone, wallet
• additional strap for various
wearing options

upper: leather
dectoration: swarovski crystals
inner pocket: Lycra
internal electrics