World`s 1st washable & wearable music player


This week´s wearable technology editions features the world´s 1st washable MP3 Player. URBAN TOOL developed this unique IT device in the year 2000 (!) Yes right: washable and yes: in the year 2000! (Apples first iPod was released October 2001!)
Being bloody crazy start-ups that hardly had left university we have been driven by futuristic and new ways of thinking IT. Our passion was and is wearable technology to realize emotional IT products and we followed these crazy ideas with constant and open persistent research and development enthusiasm.
We experimented with different foams and soft materials to embed hard electronic components in such a way into a soft cushion that still all electronics is working and operable through the surface.
After realized first working prototypes we found strategic partners for co-financing and setting up a first small serial production and it was released to market under the brand name sound2wear.
The little music player was not only soft and sensitive it was also washable and had an industrial velcro surface at the underside. With this velcro it was able to attach the player to apparel or velcro counter pads on fashion and accessories.
In 2004 we presented this crazy washable MP3 Player at the 3GMS Wearable Fashion Show in Cannes /France as special Diesel Limited Edition.
Unfortunately various circumstances stopped this wearable project before it could be started in bigger scale.
Never the less it was a great experience for us as designer and developer and an innovative project realized at a time when wearable technology was hardly known. s2w_mp3s2w_mp3_2s2w_fmradio s2w_mp3_draw s2w_mp3_diesels2w_mp3_diesel2