Best EDC gears for the Euro 2016


From June 10th on the whole Europe will go soccer crazy. It will be exiting and thrilling. But what EDC gears are best to wear for public viewings, festivals or live soccer events?
We have selected the 4 best fellows of our collection to use for a secure stay within the crowd. These 4 URBAN TOOL gears will make sure you have all your gadgets and possessions save and stored secure close to your body.emGears
1. crossHolster
This holster is made to store all essentials like phone, wallet and keys but offers also extra space for a bottle. You can wear it convenient on your waist but also cross shoulders. The crossHolster comes in 3 colors and is perfect for a hot and long soccer evening.
2. travelKit
Hands free and gadgets save! This light weight and small pouch is a minimal solution for maximum freedom. 2 belt loop heights ensure comfortable fit, long side compartments offer perfect space for e-cigarettes.
3. waistHolster
The waistHolster is a perfect all-rounder solution. The cool design of the holster offers clear and organized space in aligned compartments. Even iPhone 6 plus will fit, a key yoyo and a roomy backside pocket grant extra security.
4. basicHolster
If you prefer to wear your valuables around your shoulder the basicHolster is the one to go for. Pockets for phone, wallet and keys and an extra zippered backside pocket ensure all your EDC will find room. The cool style is made for winner.