Smart interface gadget holster

smart interface Waist bag fanny pack for smartphones & wallet URBAN TOOL ® hipholster

Time for a little throwback to a wearable product we developed and launched as pioneer in this innovative segment wearable electronics.
This time we introduce the ihipHolster we launched in 2010. The Apple licensed accessory is a gadget holster for all day-to-day items with an embedded & washable smart interface to operate all current Apple iPods and iPhones. The control panel is located at the belt area of the holster and is directly connected to a customized pocket for Apple devices. Devices can be simply connected by a socket and all basic functions like play, pause, fwd, and volume control can be operated via the fabric panel without the need of taking out the device.
We launched and sold this innovative product in 2010 and 2011 through authorized retailers.
The hipHolster without control panel is still a key product of our collection and can be bought online hereihipHolster_black_equipihipHolster_functionihipHolster_function2 ihipHolster2