Glove for seamless computer interaction

Glove for Seamless Computer Interaction

The TZI SCIPIO Winspect Glove is a general-purpose wearable input device. In 2006 we developed the design and working prototype with our development lab “Loesungsmittel” for the University of Bremen. The fingerless glove with minimal covering on the inside of the arm and wrist ensures ergonomic fit with adjustable closings and elastic components. The zip able double layer construction is perfect for maintenance and further development on the research prototype. The Glove has three textile buttons that fit around the fingers, perfectly positioned to not interfere with manual tasks. It is designed for hybrid gesture-based / direct selection interaction. It could also be used as a simple activity/task recognition device.
We developed the fabric/leather glove for embedding electronical components in 3 levels of prototypes. Hard- and Software for this wearable computing device was researched and developed by the University of Bremen / TZI (Technologie-Zentrum Informatik und Informationstechnik).
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