More than a shirt

In 2006 the Apple iPod Nano 2nd generation was released. For the first time music players became super light weighted and slim. A totally new feeling of freedom and independence, especially for runners and athletes. In those days we developed the iShirt, the very first athletic shirt especially made for Apples Nano series. The iShirt was made from Meryl / Lycra® − Performance Sports Fabrics, a fabric fully breathable with moisture management and quick dry. It even offers excellent protection to UVA and UVB.
We released the shirt in 2007 in 3 colors and male and female cut. An expandable and self-closing pocket was designed to store the Apple music player, cable routing loops completed the shirt. The iShirt was way more than a shirt  -super functional and innovative with elaborative workmanship and design details.

Gadget pocket with elastic fabric and overlapping cut for secure storing and one size fits all.
Loop for fixing the ear phones.
iShirt in male cut and colors
iShirt in female cut and colors