Simply our favorites!

As owners of a bag & holster label like URBAN TOOL people and friends always notice with extra attention bags and holsters we choose to wear/use in our real life. It is a tricky question since on the one hand you love your own products and brand more than any other brand in the market but on the other hand you cannot wear all your products nor do you want to walk around like living advertising pillar.
Being able to choose freely from the entire collection it turns out that each of us 3 owners has his own favorites and chooses bags and holsters that fit most perfect to his own lifestyle and need.
This is perfect to introduce the 3 people behind URBAN TOOL, Anja Herwig, Kurt Tanner and Sabrina Tanner with their most favorite URBAN TOOL products.

Let´s start with Anja, product designer and CEO of URBAN TOOL. Anja lives in Vienna since 2003 and is originally from Hanover/Germany. In her daily business life she uses the URBAN TOOL unitBag in color nude since she loves spacious hand bags for all her daily essentials. She has individualized her unitBag with decorative accessories. In her leisure time Anja loves hiking and exploring the beautiful places of Vienna, when doing so she prefers to use the URBAN TOOL caseBelt. The caseBelt is a very practical and useful gear to have all her essentials with her but without the feeling of carrying a bag.

AnjaHerwig, CEO of URBAN TOOL

Anja Herwig using the caseHolsterAnja Herwig from URBAN TOOL with her unitBagAnja Herwig in Schönbrunn with her caseBelt

Kurt Tanner, responsible for logistics and all facilities at our home base Vienna, is always on the go, he is not only organizing the facilities at our Brandstore and HQ he is even in charge of the entire neighborhood activities, Vienna´s new trend district. One would even say he is only half if not on his bicycle. Therefore it appears to be obvious, that he loves and needs holsters! His favorite holster at the moment is the caseHolster, it is perfect for his Samsung ….. and for his big bunch of keys. He wears his caseHolster from morning to evening and no matter what he is doing riding the bike, organizing the next street festival or designing new urban furniture for our cool neighborhood. Kurt is also the perfect URBAN TOOL beta tester for all new holsters, his busy day stresses the tools to the limit and if they are “Kurt-proof” they have definitely passed the test.
Kurt Tanner from URBAN TOOLKurt Tanner riding his bike with his caseHolsterKurt Tanner from URBAN TOOL in action

Kurt Tanner with his caseHolster

Kurt Tanner enjoys the sun with his caseHolster

The 3rd founder and team member is Sabrina Tanner. She is product designer and the CEO of URBAN TOOL and she is a passionate vintage lover and crossfit athlete. In her daily business life she loves small purses since they carry all essentials, look stylish and go with her on the bicycle smoothly, yes she is Kurt´s wife so going by bicycle is part of her life too. Her favorite URBAN TOOL bag is the unitHolster, small, stylish and practical – if she is not wearing one of her thousands vintage handbags 😉 When it comes to sport Sabrina loves the sportHolster and the gymBag. The sportHolster is perfect for her cardio training like running and bicycling and the gymBag is the perfect fellow to hit the box and to store all her crossfit equipment like belt, tape, speed rope, bottle, shoes….
Sabrina Tanner,  CFO of URBAN TOOL A few of Sabrina Tanner thousands vintage handbags and unitHolsters

Sabrina Tanner with her gymBagSabrina Tanner with her sportHolster

Sabrina Tanner at the Zagreb Throwdown