Vinjabond reviewing businessholster tablet

Vinjabond_profilVinjabond_buhTablet Vinjabond_holster Vinjabond_holster2 VINJABOND: It’s a contradicting time of technology and convenience we live in. We have smartphones and tablets that can effectively replace dozens of other gadgets and tools, freeing our pockets and bags of weight and space. But with this ability to do more without carrying more, we end up carrying more things than ever before, because we can.
A problem solved is another problem created but the businessHolster tablet solves it for those who need it daily for business and casual.
As the name suggests, this new Urban Tool production is another innovative holster type bag. As such, it fits and functions like a holster ought to; low profile, seamless, ergonomic and accessible.
Yet somehow there are 5 well though-out pockets for all types of gear and fits snugly under jackets and even suitcoats. What’s more is that all contents of the holster can be reached with the right arm.
Fully packed, you can comfortably equip a wallet, smartphone, tablet, keys, pens, earphones (with wire routing) and a number of other small items. All compartments are lightly but generously padded adding protection for the contents as well as added comfort for the wearer. So no excessive bulge sticking out or bumps sticking into your body.
With the businessHolster tablet, you can now carry all your necessities and unnecessities wherever you go or do without the hassle of carrying a typical bag.

John V Cain is founder and editor of VINJABOND. Professional traveler, adventurer, former covert operator and brand ambassador for URBAN TOOL.

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