World´s 1st wearable technology athleisure shirt


Time to introduce another wearable technology highlight of URBAN TOOL´S long list of wearable project: the grooveRider.
The grooveRider shirt was released in 2007 and offered a smart textile interface to operate your iPod at the textile surface of your clothes.
This pioneering URBAN TOOL project was one of world´s first real wearable technology projects and gathered high media response all over the world.
The Apple licenced product was produced in an limited number with female and male cut and was sold worldwide.
The ergonomic athleisure shirt was connected to Apple iPoda through integrated and washable electronic and wires and offered special cable routing for headphones.
The smart interface offered intuitive and unrestricted handling simply by touching the shirt, functions like start, stop, adjusting the volume or track selection could be done via the golden fabric control panel. High quality and perfect carrying characteristics of the fabric make the shirt a very comfortable every day wear and all textile parts incl. the smart fabric interface are washable with washing machine.

functional textiles
athleisure cut for male and females
washable integrated control panel
electronic connector to Apple iPods
elastic self-closing pocket for iPods
headphones routinggrooveRider_3grooveRider_4grooveRider_5grooveRider_1