Best URBAN TOOL bags for Crossfitters


Crossfitters spend half of their free time at the box (Box = Crossfit studio) so they need bags to take all their stuff along.
This time we want to introduce 2 nice and roomy bags best made for crossfitters but also for other gym addicts.

Made of organic cotton the gymBag is a light weight draw string bag. The roomy bag offers plenty of space for extra clothing, wrist wraps, rope, bottles & shaker and toiletry.
The bag has also an extra compartment with zipper closing for valuables, cell phone or similar. A key yoyo helps to keep the keys on place and easy to find.
Sabrina, co-founder of URBAN TOOL and passionate crossfit athlete loves the gymBag as it is super practical and ensures all accessories are at hand at the box.
The gymBag is available in 4 colors nude, grey/brown, purple/red and blue.

crossfit_7 gymBag crossfit_4

When you need more space and various sorting compartments the URBAN TOOL duffleBag is great companion for a fitness lifestyle.
Especially when you need an extra pair of sneakers, towels and toiletry or more additional clothing the roomy duffleBag is one of the best bags to have.
The smart cut form and design of the main compartment allows to fully open the bag. No digging and searching in a dark bag needed, fully opened you have full overview over the entire main content.
Numerous compartments and zippered pockets help to have also small personal belongings in order.
The best is the shoulder strap of the duffleBag, in no time you can change the duffle Bag to a backpack or a cross shoulder bag. So no matter if you go by bike, car or public to the gy, the duffleBag is super comfortable to take along.
Thick padding helps when the bag is heavy, the duffleBag is available in black and dark brown.duffleBag4 duffleBag3 duffleBag2 duffleBag

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