The perfect travel purse

Hey! Travel season is on! But which purse to choose for your travel? Does the perfect travel purse for girls exist? I mean something really practical so that you can store all your indispensables like passport, phone, wallet and is secure, leaves our hands free is small and slim and super light weighted? I mean something really useful you can wear or carry even when you have a huge and heavy backpack or suitcase to carry and watch over? Something that is not a neck purse! Something chic and stylish, maybe in different colors! Impossible?

Have a look at this, we have created the perfect travel purse!

travelpurse_black1 travelpurse_black2 travelpurse_colors travelpurse_gold1 travelpurse_gold2 travelpurse_hibiscus1 travelpurse_hibiscus2 travelpurse_lagoon1 travelpurse_lagoon2