Bullet Journal – an analog gadget for the digital age

A gadget can be a variety of things, but basically its a tool to help make your day a little easier to handle.
Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook to write down your everyday business, thoughts and stuff that clutters your head and keeps you from feeling organized and being ahead of your deadlines.
We say: Back to the roots – grab a notebook and your favorit pen to start your own bulletjournal-adventure.
You need a light everyday bag for your bulletJournal? We got you covered.
You can slide your BJ, a pen and other necessities into our slotbar and be on your way.


Or would you like to have more space? We have a range of bags that will fit your companian like a glove and still offer space for vital things like your wallet, smartphone, keys and even your laptop.

The tabBag can be worn as a shoulderbag or as a backpack, so you are prepared for any possible task.
Last but definetely not least, our pocketBar is a superflexible 2 in 1 hip- or shoulderbag, in case you need your hands free or reduce weight on your shoulders.


You want to get started with your own bullet journal? bulletjournal.com