Wearable mobile communication – R&D concept 2004/06


Back in 2004 URBAN TOOL started an R&D project on an wearable & wireless mobile communication concept. The project was supported by the Austrian ZIT (Centre for Information and Technology) and visualized our ideas for a wearable communication device. Now in 2015 the concept became more realistic since application became more capable, APPs entered the mobile software world and power supply became manageable, but in 2004 the mobile world was still in the early beginnings and the first iPod was just released in April 2003.
URBAN TOOL always had a strong vision of the pervasive use and implementation of mobile communication in our daily lifes. The same vision that always drove us to develop holsters and bags for mobile phone users.
The concept MCU is a trend-setting historical document showing our research and development strength and enthusiasm.
The concept is based on a basic modul (can be a cell phone or and basic station at home) that masters the network connection, the power supply and all mobile communication functions. The heart of the basic modul is the MCU (the mobile communication unit) with a reduced receiving and sending function and interface. This MCU is always in connection and is complemented by the basic modul via Bluetooth, but can be removed from the basic modul and added into devices / accessories / clothing via an clip (click in). In doing so the user can leave the mobile phone inside a bag, backpack, home basic modul… and wear the interaction unit at the clothing / in the glove / at the shirt / as light weight jewellery. Here some impressions of our R&D project 2004/06:

The MCU added to a sports shirt. Later in 2006 we released the grooveRider shirt, a shirt with integrated fabric interface for operating your iPod.
The MCU added into an interactive cushion.
MCU concept