Dariadaria testing Hi-tech sport armband

The lovely Madeleine Alizadeh from www.dariadaria.com was testing our new hi-tech sport armband, the URBAN TOOL sportStrap in the edgy new color hemlock. The sports armband is made of an hi-tech fabric that allows direct operation of your smart phone without taking the device out of the pouch, just operate through the sensitive surface of this unique hi-tech […]

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Rust collection

rust collection urban tool

A smooth and burned orange is the accent colour of the new URBAN TOOL style RUST. Combined with classical and neutral brown shades the style looks elegant, classy and timeless. Diversity in surfaces, soft accents with seams and twill are the perfect players of this new classic style – fresh, young, modern and distinguished.

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URBAN TOOL bag care

URBAN TOOL bags are made of durable and high quality fabrics. Depending on design and components many bags are even machine washable, especially all shoulder holsters and most waist holsters are made to be washable. Please check the inside care label to see if your URBAN TOOL product is washable. Here some useful hints for […]

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