Backpack the ultimate flashpacking bag!

Stylish urban modular laptop backpack URBAN TOOL ® backpack
blogger John Cain from testing the URBAN TOOL backpack system
blogger John Cain from testing the URBAN TOOL backpack system

Simply but aptly named the “backpack“, this is URBAN TOOL’s first backpack and also their most traditional type of bag in their famously progressive line. But the attention to detail, primo craftsmanship and their modernistic style remains intact.

When it comes to unique and creative ways to carry everyday gear, URBAN TOOL is one of the most innovative. While a backpack is a fairly straightforward type of bag, this one is packed full of features and functionality making it far more than the sum of its parts. It hauls like a minivan but moves like a sports car.

The exterior is ballistic nylon, making it rugged yet lightweight with moderate protection from the elements. There’s a seemingly decorative strip that goes from the sides to the top. But the sewn in “D” rings make them great for hanging a number of different things like carabiners. What’s more, this strap doubles as an unobtrusive handle to carry the backpack horizontally. Also on each side are clever minimal pockets, one for keys and the other a “hideaway” mesh holder for water bottles.

The interior of the main compartment is an organizational powerhouse with a whopping 11 varied pockets and compartments (including one for a laptop). It reminds of me of the interior of one of those $1000 Zero Haliburton briefcases. What’s more is that every side and angle is protected with padding – including the very bottom. You can rest assured your stuff will be safe and right where you placed them.

The soft and padded shoulder straps are ergonomic and held on top by metal “O” rings offering maximum flexibility and comfort. They even put a barely noticeable but handy pocket on the strap, similar to the sportHolster. The backside is generously padded for superior comfort during wear. Further enhanced is the ventilated formation of the padding for airflow against the wearer’s spine, shoulders and kidney areas.

Available separately but designed to integrate with the backPack that works great independently is the “piggyBack“. At exactly half the capacity it’s a minimal version of the backPack built with the same materials and quality. It attaches to each other like a match made in heaven, securely as if it’s 1 large seamless bag. The versatility of these 2 packs have endless possibilities; business, casual, adventure, travel and even tactical.

For someone like myself, I see URBAN TOOL’s backPack as the ultimate flashpacking bag. A way to carry a full but minimal set of lifestyle gear with an emphasis on equipping tech.

John Cain blogger, photographer and adventurer